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  • Mikes Garage - My band. We also have a page at MySpace.
  • Neil & Friends Acoustic - My “solo” acoustic project, that usually involves a friend or two (or three...)
  • Captain Kaos Band - A good times band featuring the Captain himself, Bob Walsh. Oh yeah, and I play with them, too!
  • Megan Wheatley - A very talented performer, and a frequent collaborator on my Neil & Friends - Acoustic project
  • Oren Music - The homepage of my friend Oren Polak. This guy is one seriously talented guitarist and singer. He plays with a number of different bands, and his styles range from jazz to rock to fusion to acoustic, and more! You have got to check him out - you’ll be glad you did!
  • Jack Worthington - A local, solo, acoustic classic rock performer. A talented musician, and a good friend, too!
  • Drum For Joy - The homepage of Jaqui MacMillan, a truly gifted performer who also gives lessons, leads workshops, facilitates drum circles, and does corporate “team-building” events. Be sure to check her out, you’ll be amazed!
  • The Quadropheniacs - A local Who tribute band, featuring Stoney on bass. These guys really rock!
  • Tim Biery - Described by Danny Gatton as ”the baddest drummer on the planet - bar none!"
  • James Mabry- An amazing blues guitarist and singer, and a good friend.
  • Walt Johns, Guitars & Repair Shop - Simply the best guitar tech and repair person in the area!


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Visual Arts

  • Elizabeth McFadden - A damn fine set designer (and my wife, too...)
  • Ann Boisvert - This artist is really something else. Her work is visually exciting, bold, and a lot of fun. If you’re ever in Montreal, go see it in person, in the meantime, check out her web page!
  • Joseph S. Vogel - Photography for all occasions.

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